Priestess Natural Dry Brush

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Using a natural bristle brush on your skin at least twice a week comes with a lot of benefits, including moving lymph fluid, removing dead skin cells, improving blood circulation, smoothing out cellulite, and of course exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Our Priestess Natural Dry Brush is a perfect combination with TANTRA Oil for the perfect natural skin reset.

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Priestess Ritual:

  • Use the brush while dry, before bath/shower.
  • Start by brushing a circular motion in your groin area to warm up your lymph nodes.
  • Start at your feet and brush upwards towards your groin area/lymph nodes.
  • Repeat the circular motion brushing in your arm pit to warm up lymph nodes.
  • Brush arms from wrists to armpits and top of back to armpits.
  • The more you dry brush the less sensitive your skin will become to it.
  • After brushing, bathe or shower to rinse off the skin cells.
  • After bathing, apply Priestess Tantra Oil to restore your skin’s moisture post brushing.

1 review for Priestess Natural Dry Brush

  1. Nina P.

    I’ve been dry brushing for awhile now. I thought I would try this brush and I much prefer it over my old one. This one is much sturdier and easy to grip. It also looks stylish hanging in my bathroom!

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