Citrine & Quartz Gemstone Luxury Hair Masque

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Citrine & Quartz is a luxury moisture treatment to smooth, soften and add thickness and shine to damaged, frizzy hair. Micronized Citrine crystal carries the power of the sun and helps spark creativity, abundance and happiness. And micronized Quartz heals and balances chakra energies.

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The sun Goddesses represent the power and force of the light of the sun. Citrine stimulates the body like the sunlight, clearing the mind and stirring the soul into action. It is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. With its pure yellow energy, citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. Citrine is known as the ultimate gemstone for manifesting and attracting wealth, prosperity and success, and stabilizing finances.


Cleopatra swore by using quartz crystals to preserve her ageless beauty. She would use this mineral to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and cleanse the skin.This white crystal is considered a “master healer.” It’s said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. It’s also said to aid concentration and memory. Physically, clear crystals are claimed to help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body.




Citrine & Quartz Gemstone Hair Masque

4 oz jar

Shea Butter – Seals in moisture and tames frizz and split ends.

Castor Oil – Used by the ancient Egyptians, castor oil aides in strengthening strands, promoting hair growth, and nourishing dry scalp. It improves texture and thickness.

Sweet Almond Oil – Essential for healthy hair, locks in moisture and prevents hair fall.

Micronized Citrine Stone –  Creates an ambience of happiness, and elevates your vibration.

Micronized Quartz Stone – amplifies positive energy, heals and balances

Full List of Ingredients: Shea Butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis), Mica, Fragrance, Micronized Citrine, Micronized Quartz.

Scent: Bright, Fresh, Beachy, Earthy


As a pre- shampoo masque: Apply to dry hair. Leave in 20 minutes then shampoo and condition hair as normal. For extra power sit in the sun to gently heat the treatment.

As a Gloss: Warm a small amount in hands and apply to ends and fly aways to tame frizz and add shine.

3 reviews for Citrine & Quartz Gemstone Luxury Hair Masque

  1. Sarah Fenton

    Love it.

  2. Gabby Otero

    THIS! This is the ultimate hair mask! Made my hair feel thick and full without weighing it down. I also tried it on my frizzys and it really helped.

  3. Paula L

    Sunshine in a jar!

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