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Clean Simple ingredients

Priestess rx formulas are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest raw natural ingredients that Mother Earth has to offer. Our products are 100% Vegan and Natural. 

Priestess rx blends are based on ancient formulas with ingredients that won’t disrupt your delicate body chemistry, but instead work in synergy to bring out your natural glow. Each blend is infused with specific gemstones that have been charged with powerful Reiki energy to help you bring forth your beauty and intention.

Crystal healing / therapy is based on the idea that all matter is made up of energy – and crystals contain energy that resonates with the natural vibrations of the human body. Every crystal is formed in a distinct way, which means they each “vibrate” differently and have their own unique properties. If you’re an avid crystal collector (or even if you’re newly curious) you’re probably aware that this energy exchange can affect human cells and promote regeneration, healing, detoxification, and even influence your temperament and mind. BUT, interestingly enough, this mystical energy can also affect the cells of your largest organ  – our skin!

Gemstones and crystals have high vibrational properties that work to balance the body’s needs, which in turn, help to target all kinds of skin problems. Gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency, their energy travels towards the weaker energy or cells in the body. In simpler terms, gemstones basically work to restore and harmonize us both inside and out.

What is a Priestess?

A Priestess is a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement) in divine feminine energy. Now more than ever, we as women,  must let our inner light shine brightly through feminine self care, compassion and balance. Each one of us affects the outcome of the fate of this world and what you do matters. You matter. Your voice matters, your dreams matter. Incorporate sacredness into your daily life and your work. You affect your friends, your family, your work, and this world with every act and word you speak. Use those words and actions well. For added inspiration, you will notice that each of our product descriptions have a story about how Ancient Priestesses used gemstones.